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McLaughlin & Stern's has one of the largest art-related practices in New York City. We represent tens of galleries, artists, collectors and dealers. We are also involved with a number of foundations and not-for-profit organizations.

We handle a broad spectrum of matters touching upon the art world and its constituents. Many of these activities are corporate or transactional in nature, including the preparation and negotiation of representation agreements between artists and galleries, and agreements related to the purchase of work by collectors around the world.

Other activities involve litigation or dispute resolution involving galleries and their owners, artists and collectors, as well as relating to the authenticity of works of art, the ownership rights to works of art (including in disputes arising under probate and estate planning structures) and the enforcement of contracts.


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Survivors of childhood sexual abuse may turn to alcohol or other substances in an attempt to relieve their emotional suffering, in other words to “self-medicate”. …

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