Maritime and Commodity Trading Team

The McLaughlin & Stern Maritime Team, which focused on maritime corporate, finance and regulatory matters, and was expanded in June, 2013, with the addition of all the partners and associates of maritime and trading litigation boutique Nourse & Bowles, LLP has again expanded with the addition of white collar criminal specialists Dan Horwitz and Mike Armstrong. We now offer a wide range of maritime and commodity trading advice and services including litigation (civil and criminal), arbitration, casualty and pollution response, regulatory compliance and corporate reorganization. The Team's clients center on the shipping and commodity trading industries and closely related fields including finance, insurance, and agency. The team's attorneys are involved on a daily basis in drafting, negotiating, offering advice, investigating and litigating matters concerning:

  • Contracts for the sale, purchase, insurance, construction and repair of ships
  • Contracts for the sale, purchase and transportation of commodities
  • Registration of ships and mortgages under flags including traditional maritime jurisdictions
  • Agreements for financing of ships and other maritime-related property, including marine terminals and container equipment
  • Contracts of carriage of all types, including contracts of affreightment, time charters, voyage charters, bills of lading, space sharing and vessel pooling agreements
  • Contracts for the purchase or leasing of equipment, including containers and chassis
  • Ship management, agency and freight forwarding contracts
  • Stevedore and ocean marine terminal contracts
  • Insurance, reinsurance, excess insurance and insurance brokerage contracts
  • Contracts for passenger vessel operations
  • Private placements, bond financings, and other financial investment vehicles
  • Regulatory/Inquiry/Casualty matters before the Federal Maritime Commission and Coast Guard

The Team's attorneys also investigate and handle resolution of maritime casualties as they arise throughout the world, including vessel fires, groundings, sinkings, collisions, and equipment failures resulting in cargo and vessel loss and damage, pollution (see MSWAT and Environmental webpages), loss of life and bodily injury. Counsel, Larry Bowles, taught navigation at the U.S. Naval Academy and partner, Jack Vayda, has taught Admiralty at the college and graduate level. Partner, Jay Paré, won a precedent-setting case for Exxon Corporation involving admiralty jurisdiction in the U.S. Supreme Court, Exxon Corp. v Central Gulf Lines Inc., 500 US 603 (1991). Partner, Walter Lion, recently assisted a shipowning group arrange over $2 billion in financing for a series of ships being constructed in Europe and Asia. Counsel Mike Armstrong defended the barge-owning Frank sisters against criminal charges arising from pollution. The Team's attorneys receive highest ratings in national and international directories, including Euromoney’s Guide to the World’s Leading Shipping & Maritime Lawyers, Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers. They regularly lecture at industry events around the world and have chaired committees and have been directors of the Maritime Law Association of the U.S.

麦斯律所的海事部门专注于海事公司、融资和管理性事务。麦斯律所的海事部门于2013年6月扩张,原海事和贸易诉讼精品律所Nourse & Bowles的所有合伙人和律师加入了本律所,之后又因为白领犯罪法律专家Dan Horwitz和Mike Armstrong的加入再次扩张。我们现在提供广泛的海事和商品贸易咨询和服务,这包括民事和刑事诉讼、调解、损害和污染回应、行政合规和企业重组等。本部门的客户主要集中在运输、商品贸易及相关邻近领域,包括了融资、保险和代理。在以下事项中,本部门的律师日常起草、谈判、提供建议、调查和参与诉讼:

  • 销售、购买、保险、建设和修理船只的合同
  • 销售、购买和运输商品的合同
  • 在包括传统海事辖区内进行船籍国船只登记和抵押
  • 船只及其他海事相关财产,包括海运码头和集装箱设备融资协议
  • 各种运输合同,包括租船货运,定期租船,航次租船,海运提单,洽订舱位和共同派船统一经营等
  • 购买和租赁设备合同,包括集装箱和托盘
  • 船只管理、代理和货物代理合同
  • 码头装卸及海运码头合同
  • 保险、再保险、超额保险和保险经纪合同
  • 客轮运营合同
  • 私募、债券融资及其他金融投资工具
  • 联邦海事委员会和海岸警卫队监管、问询和海损事务

本团队律师还调查和处理世界范围内的海损事务,包括船只起火、搁浅、沉没、撞击和设备故障造成的货物和船只损失、损坏、污染(参见MSWAT和环境相关页面)、死亡及人体伤害。法律顾问Larry Bowles在美国海军学院任教,合伙人Jack Vayd在本科与研究生层面教授海事法。合伙人Jay Paré为埃克森公司(Exxon Corporation)在美国最高法院打赢了海事管辖一案,而该案已成为了先例案件——Exxon Corp. v. Central Gulf Lines Inc., 500 US 603 (1991)。合伙人Walter Lion近来协助一个船主团体为在欧洲和亚洲建造一系列船只进行超20亿的融资。法律顾问Mike Armstrong为驳船主Frank姐妹就污染引起的刑事指控进行辩护。本团队的律师受到了国内和世界名录的最高评分,包括了“欧洲货币世界领先船运与海事律师指南”、“最佳律师”和“超级律师”。他们经常在世界范围内的行业活动中进行讲学,主持委员会,他们还被选为美国海事法联合会的主管人。

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