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McLaughlin & Stern and Law Offices of Louis Ginsberg P.C., File Class Action Lawsuit Against All Transit, LLC

Sun 7 July 2013 Press Releases

New York, NY — A class action lawsuit has been filed against All Transit, LLC and its owner, Daniel Liebowitz (collectively “All Transit”), in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, on behalf of hourly paid non-exempt Drivers (“Drivers”). The Complaint alleges that All Transit’s policies violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York labor law by requiring Drivers to work before and after their scheduled shifts and requiring Drivers to work through uncompensated and automatically deducted meal breaks, all which result in Drivers working without proper compensation.

As described in the Complaint, it is alleged that All Transit regularly requires their Drivers to work before and after scheduled shifts by requesting that they arrive early to receive their daily passenger manifest, clean their vehicle and perform safety checks and stay late to perform necessary vehicle maintenance. However, All Transit does not properly compensate their Drivers for all hours worked or for overtime pay. Additionally, the Complaint alleges that All Transit regularly requires their Drivers to work during all or part of their automatically deducted and uncompensated meal breaks. All Transit routinely refuses to pay Drivers their straight and overtime wages for this excess time which they are owed under Federal and State law. By bringing this action, the attorneys listed below hope to end these practices and recover the wages and overtime pay that each Driver is due under the law.

If you work or have worked at All Transit as a Driver, you may request to be included in the proposed class. Please contact Brett Gallaway, Esq. at McLaughlin & Stern, LLP at 646-738-6353 or Matthew Cohen, Esq. at the Law Firm of Louis Ginsberg, PC at 877-4WAGESLAW  877-492-4375, for any questions you have about the action.