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Steven W. Schuster

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Steven W. Schuster has been engaged in the practice of corporate and securities law for over 30 years and is Co-Chair of the firm's corporate and securities department and Chair of the firm's China practice. Mr. Schuster received his B.A. from Harvard University in 1976 and his J.D. from New York University in 1980.

Mr. Schuster has extensive experience in a wide range of corporate transactions, including public offerings and private placements on behalf of both issuers and underwriters, mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions and compliance with the securities laws.  He also provides general corporate representation of clients, including employment agreements, financing transactions and licensing agreements. Mr. Schuster has also represented companies and individuals in the acquisition and formation of broker-dealers and hedge funds.

His client base encompasses various industries, including technology, the Internet, energy, healthcare and life sciences, software development and services, securities brokerage and investment banking, insurance, manufacturing, consumer products and restaurants.

Mr. Schuster served as a Director of Tower Group, Inc., a multi-billion dollar insurance company listed on NASDAQ from 1996 until the company was sold in October, 2014, where he also served as Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee and as a member of the Compensation Committee and Investment Committee.

斯蒂文•W•舒斯特在公司与证券法方面有超过30年的执业经验,他同时是我所公司与证券法部门的联合主席,以及我所中国业务部的主席。 舒斯特先生于1976 年获哈佛大学学士学位,1980年纽约大学法学博士学位。

舒斯特先生在公司交易领域有着丰富的经验,包括代表发行公司和券商参与公开发行及私募融资交易, 收购兼并,商业交易以及证券法上的合规法律事务。 他还曾代表个人及公司参与收购和组建经纪交易商和对冲基金。


舒斯特先生还担任Tower Group, Inc. 董事。Tower Group, Inc. 于1996年在纳斯达克上市,是一家价值数十亿美金的保险公司。 在Tower Group, Inc., 舒斯特先生担任公司治理委员会主席,同时也是公司薪酬及投资委员会的成员。