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Mollie Lustig Was Quoted in an Article by NJ Spotlight News Discussing a Draft of New Jersey’s New Rules for Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Thu 16 February 2023 News & Press

Mollie Lustig, partner at McLaughlin & Stern, was recently quoted in an article by NJ Spotlight News discussing a draft of New Jersey’s new rules for cannabis consumption lounges. While recreational cannabis is legal in NJ, the rules for cannabis-related businesses are still in the works, and the new drafted rules would lay out the regulations for cannabis consumption lounges in the state for the first time. Mollie Lustig emphasized that lounges that wish to open under these rules would be subject to air filtration standards similar to cigar lounges, and businesses that fail to meet these standards could face substantial legal liability.

The article, in particular, calls the regulations out as strict, and some consider them controversial. Any business that wants to operate a cannabis consumption lounge must be prepared to pay the costs for operating this kind of business, or else risk losing their business license, fines from the state, or other legal penalties.