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Mollie Hartman Lustig Speaks to Heady NJ about Morristown’s Cannabis Dispensary Application Process

Wed 29 June 2022 News & Press

Attorney Mollie Hartman Lustig, Chair Cannabis Practice Group, told Heady NJ that the Request for Proposal process for a local cannabis dispensary in Morristown, NJ was arbitrary and capricious after her client, Alta Amfi New Jersey LLC, received discrepant scores, leading to them coming in 3rd and failing to obtain a license. Because of the discrepancies in scoring, and in the process itself, ALTA AMFI, along with other applicants are appealing the decision to the governing body. Following denial of a local appeal, an entity will have to decide whether to proceed with further challenge, by way of Action in Lieu of Prerogative Writ to the Superior Court.

“It doesn’t make any sense anymore,” Ms. Lustig said. “The target is constantly being moved. You shouldn’t have subjective scores in objective categories, and you shouldn’t have such wide discrepancies.”

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