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District Court Grants Class Certification for American Airlines Employees at Newark Airport and Appoints McLaughlin & Stern as Lead Class Counsel

Mon 5 March 2018 Press Releases

On March 5, 2018, Chief Judge Jose L. Linares of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey issued a decision in the ongoing class action entitled Ferreras, et. al v. American Airlines, Inc., 16-cv-2427 (JLL). In the ruling, Judge Linares granted class certification pursuant to Federal Rule 23 on behalf of all current and former hourly-paid non-exempt employees at the Newark Liberty International Airport (“Newark”) station of American Airlines, Inc. (“American Airlines”) who were employed at any time since April 29, 2014 through the present (“American Airlines Hourly Employees”) and who were allegedly: 1) subjected to a schedule based pay system; 2) performed work during uncompensated meal breaks; and/or 3) performed uncompensated off-the-clock work before clocking in or after clocking out for their shifts. Additionally, Judge Linares appointed McLaughlin and Stern as lead counsel for the class. As a result of this ruling, the case may now proceed to trial as a class action on behalf of over 200 current and former American Airlines Hourly Employees. A notice advising employees of their rights and options will be mailed to class members within the next 1—2 months.

In granting class certification, Judge Linares determined that sufficient evidence exists to allow the case to proceed as a class because Plaintiffs’ testimony indicated that: “1) all employees were required on a regular basis by managers to arrive early and stay late to finish their work due to a shortage of labor, to attend meetings, and to complete training requirements; 2) American [Airlines]’s timekeeping system defaulted to pay employees based only on the scheduled hours; and 3) the amount of time for which employees performed work beyond their normal schedules and during meal periods ranges from one to four hours of uncompensated time each week.” This decision represents a large victory for American Airlines Hourly Employees and will assist in the recovery of unpaid straight and overtime wages owed to these individuals.

McLaughlin & Stern, LLP handles a broad range of individual and class actions on behalf of employees who have not been properly compensated by their employers. If you are a current or former American Airlines Hourly Employee and would like to know more about the action and how it relates to your experience at American Airlines, please contact Plaintiffs’ counsel at your convenience:

Lee S. Shalov, Esq.

Brett R. Gallaway, Esq.

Wade C. Wilkinson, Esq.

Bradley J. Bartolomeo, Esq.

Telephone: 212-448-1100