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Christian Browne Speaks to News 12 about Village of Freeport’s Plans for New Distribution Center

Wed 6 July 2022 News & Press

Attorney Christian Browne represents the Village of Freeport in a land use dispute over the use of the Cleveland Avenue Ballfields. The Village, the owner of the property, wishes to sell the ballfields for development, but the Freeport School District maintains it has an “easement” over the fields that prevents the Village from selling the land for development. The Village would like to sell the property, use the funds from the sale to provide a tax cut to residents and relocate the school sports teams to a new facility at Cow Meadow Park in south Freeport. In an interview with News 12, Mr. Browne stressed the benefits of the Village’s plan for both taxpayers and student athletes. “We see it as a win-win,” he said. “Taxpayers get a reduction in property taxes and village taxes. The school district moves to a brand-new facility at Cow Meadow Park.”

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