The May 6 Flash Crash And Its Successors, New York Law Journal
June 10, 2010
Use of U.S. Bankruptcy Courts: An Introduction to Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Code Law with Annotations of Significant U.S.Court Decisions, Sanierung und Insolvenz, Festchrift fuer K.H. Görg (Verlag C.H. Beck 2010: Munich)
January 01, 2010
"What Tax-Exempt Entities Must Know to Avoid Costly Excise Taxes" (Co-Author with Lawrence M. Hill, Tax Analyst Tax Notes)
"A 'Gift' from the IRS: A Guide to the Gift Tax Annual Exclusion" (Estate Planning Magazine, December 2006, Volume 33, No. 12. Republished in short form in Federal Taxes Weekly Alert, March 29, 2007, Volume 53, No. 13.)
"Client Rights in Residential Abandonment Situations", 2007
"Proactively Avoiding Tenant Problems", 2007
"Out of State Trustee: Appointment Gives Rise to New York State Income Tax Benefit" (Co-Author with John M. Olivieri, New York Law Journal)
Arbitration Bias?: Caveats After "Lucent v. Tatung", New York Law Journal (Outside Counsel), page 4
Nanotechnology: A New Chapter, High Technology Poses Unique Challenges to Patent Process, New York Law Journal (Outside Counsel), page 5

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