Trusts and Estates

The firm's long history of providing careful and thorough estate and trust planning and related services to its clients is reflected in its strong commitment to the Trusts and Estates Department, which has in recent years developed into one of the largest and strongest departments in the New York metropolitan area. The practice includes basic and sophisticated estate planning for a wide variety of clients, international estate planning, the administration of estates and trusts, estate and gift tax appeals, business succession planning, charitable gift planning and exempt organization work, personal income tax planning, resolution of disputes in the New York Surrogate's Court and tax dispute resolution before the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court.

In addition to its New York City principal office, the firm has trust and estate partners in its offices in Millbrook, New York, Westport, Connecticut, Great Neck, New York and West Palm Beach, Florida. The firm has thirty nine full-time trust and estate partners and counsel with an average of over thirty-five years' experience in the field, along with a cadre of associate attorneys, legal assistants, accountants and other support staff. In addition, several other partners of the firm devote a substantial portion of their time to trust and estate matters.

本律所为客户提供的周到详细的遗产、信托及相关服务用拥有悠久的历史,这体现在律所对遗产信托部门的有力支持。律所的遗产信托部门在近年来已发展成纽约市区最强大也最具规模的遗产信托部门之一。 我们的从业领域包括了为不同客户提供的基础和复杂的遗产规划、国际遗产规划、遗产和信托管理、遗产和赠与税申诉、企业继承规划、慈善捐赠规划和免税机构工作、个人所得税规划、纽约遗嘱检验法庭争议解决,以及在美国税务部门和美国税务法院的争议解决。

本律所除了纽约市内的拥有主办公室外还在纽约州的密尔布鲁克办公室和佛罗里达州的西棕榈滩办公室有遗产和信托合伙人。本律所拥有十八位全职遗产信托律师合伙人和法律顾问,他们在该领域拥有平均超过三十五年的经验, 他们与律所其他律师、法律助理、会计和其他辅助职员一起为您提供服务。另外律所内的其他合伙人也为信托和遗产业务贡献了大量时间。