The Firms' environmental practice reaches both land and sea.

The Firm has experience in SEQR litigation and DEC and ECB administrative matters and represents a Firm developing new technologies in waste disposal. Mr. Farren organized a committee to propose a "green building" tax credit in New York State which was enacted into law in 1999.

The Firm’s maritime environmental practice has two components.  It responds to client needs for statutory and regulatory compliance and it responds to casualty and pollution events as they arise.  Compliance covers a broad spectrum including advice on statutory and regulatory requirements and structuring client organization, personnel, documents, and procedures, both ashore and on-board vessels.  Casualty response includes on-board/on-site investigations, amelioration and coordination with the wide-range of interested parties as well as preparing for and handling resulting litigation, including criminal issues (see Maritime and Commodity Trading and MSWAT webpages).


本所有着处理纽约州环境质量核查诉讼、环境保护部门和环境控制委员会行政管理事务的经验,代表着在垃圾处理方面开展新科技的企业。Farren先生曾组织委员会在纽约州提议“绿色环保建筑” 税收抵免政策,而这提案在1999年成为了法律。

本所海洋环境业务分两个部分。一方面,我们回应客户对于法律和政府监管合规的需求,另一方面我们对发生的海损和污染做出回应。合规业务涵盖很广,包括了法律和政府监管要求和客户组织架构、人员、文件、岸上和船上程序的咨询。海损回应包括了船上/事发地调查、污染治理、与广大利益相关方协调以及准备和处理包括刑法诉讼在内的相关诉讼。(参见海事和商品贸易部门(Maritime and Commodity Trading)和海事快速回应团队(MSWAT)页面)

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