McLaughlin & Stern's Employment Law Department is led by Steven Hyman and Janet Neschis and handles the broad spectrum of issues which affect the employment relationship. Department attorneys have handled complex matters on behalf of both employers and employees, involving discrimination and wrongful termination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, and disability, and issues involving the failure to promote, glass ceiling, pay equity, and sexual harassment. We also work with both employers and employees on drafting employment agreements and handle severance and non-competition issues after the employment relationship has ended. We regularly appear before both federal and state courts, as well as before administrative agencies, have taken numerous cases to trial, and have taken appeals to the top courts in New York and in the federal appellate circuits. We are also experienced and adept at representing clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including in arbitration and mediation.

Our practice is committed to providing our clients with the benefit of our years of expertise in this area, as well as our knowledge of the latest developments affecting the working relationship and the resolution of employment-related claims. Whether our clients are executives in Fortune 500 companies, professionals in financial services, law, publishing, or education, or municipal employees, our team of partners and associates provides each client with the same dedication and commitment to protecting their rights and resolving their disputes.

麦斯律所的雇佣法部门由Steven Hyman和Janet Neschis领头,并处理影响雇佣关系的多种法律问题。该部门的律师曾在基于种族、来源国、性别、性取向、怀孕、年龄和残疾而引起的歧视和错误解雇,以及拒绝升职、玻璃天花板、平等工资和性骚扰案件中代表雇主和雇员。我们也和雇主及雇员一起起草雇佣协议、在雇佣关系解除后处理离职和竞业禁止问题。我们经常在联邦和州法院以及政府部门行政程序中出庭,曾经在初审法院代理众多案件,也曾经在纽约最高级别的法院和联邦上诉巡回法院多次上诉。我们也在仲裁和调解等其他争议解决程序中拥有丰富和专业的代理经验。