Education Law

McLaughlin & Stern's education law department is currently led by three partners, who are supported by other partners, associates and counsel at the Firm. We have represented students and faculty in cases involving public and private schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools in the Northeast. The Firm counsels students accused of wrongdoing in both school administrative and court proceedings, and assists students and their families in navigating often complex administrative rules and procedures. Our goal is to ensure that the most competent, personal and cost-effective approach is undertaken on behalf of each client.

We aggressively litigate for our clients with the recognition that the outcome of a school disciplinary proceeding may materially impact an accused's personal and professional life.

Some of the issues facing our clients in the educational setting include but are not limited to allegations of:

  • Violations of a Code of Conduct
  • Sexual assault
  • Student discipline including suspension, expulsion and negative transcript notations
  • Constitutional issues, including due process, search and seizure, and the First Amendment
  • Civil rights laws
  • Defamation
  • Criminal defense
  • Tort liability
  • FERPA – Education records privacy

The firm provides vigilant advocacy in each of the above areas, and will address any issue that impacts upon an individual's educational experience.

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