Paul H. Silverman

Paul H. Silverman

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Paul H. Silverman, concentrates on corporate reorganization, creditors' & debtors' domestic and foreign cross-border law, forensic investigations as well as called on as special counsel for commercial/financial strategies in trust & estate matters requiring experienced lawyering. Paul has structured sophisticated work-out settlements and tried federal civil and criminal cases to conclusion. He serves as U.S. local counsel/advisor to non-U.S. court appointed administrators.

Representations: Bureau of National Affairs, Rio Tinto., First Interstate Properties, Intercontinental Hotels, Quebecor World, Solar World, Paul was involved in Enron, World Com, Circuit City, Quimonda, Edscha and Lehman and is counsel to high-net-worth individuals. For example: as to cross-border matters, Paul timely obtained resolution enabling Multicanal, an Argentina cable provider, to reorganize, obtained a Chapter 15 injunction for Daewoo’s Korean Receiver's U.S. interests, and succeeded in an international fraud investigation and London court trial with a $10+ million U.K. recovery and U.S federal incarceration of the fraudster. Domestically, Paul represented individuals entangled in the Madoff bankruptcy matter.

Public Service and Education: Mr. Silverman's government service: law clerk to Hon. Thomas Croake, Southern District of New York; Assistant in the Office of the U.S. Attorney General (O.D.A.L.E.), Assistant U.S. Attorney, S.D.N.Y. (criminal/civil divisions, (tax and bankruptcy units)) He has a certificate for advanced mediation training and is a Bankruptcy Court mediator panelist. Paul graduated from Fordham University Law School in New York (Fordham Law Review), with a B.A. degree in both Philosophy and History from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, a member of ODK, national leadership honorary society, and president of APO, a national dramatic honorary society.

Law & Community Service: He was a leader in professional associations: N.Y. State Bar Association - House of Delegates appointment, Business Section Chair and Bankruptcy Committee Chair; Presently, City Bar Association - Bankruptcy Committee member (Int’l and Avoidance Subcommittees) and former Banking Committee member. Community Service -  Village of Larchmont NY Budget Committee Chair, former president of his synagogue and Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club secretary, where he and his wife kayak.


United States Supreme Court

Court of Appeals

1997 2nd Cir 1975
  3rd Cir 2001

District Court

4th Cir 1988
SDNY 1974  
EDNY 1974

Tax Court

EDMich 1981 1988


Speaking Engagements: An awarded speaker by the N.Y.S.B.A.; invited lecturer by the Am. Bar.Assoc’n, Goethe University Law and Finance Graduate Program (Frankfurt), the E.U. Commission on State Aid Recovery (Brussels), the Annual German National Insolvency Conference (Frankfurt), and at law and finance conferences in Helsinki, Madrid, Paris & Prague, as well as invited speaker at the Int'l Bar Assoc.n Annual Insol/Reorg. Conference (Venice) and throughout Germany.


接手案例Representation:保罗曾经为Bureau of National Affairs(国家事务局), Rio Tinto(力拓)., Intercontinental Hotels(洲际酒店), Intertek(天祥), Quebecor World(魁北克世界), Solar World(太阳能世界), 提供法律咨询。除此之外,还有Enron(安然), World Com(世界通讯), Circuit City(电路城), Quimonda(奇梦达), Edscha(爱德夏)、Lehman GmbH(雷曼)以及具有高净值的个人。例如,保罗曾及时的帮助Multicanal,一个阿根廷的电缆供应商,获得决议使之得以重组;他还曾获得有利于Daewoo (韩国)接管人在美国利益的第15章的禁令;他成功地在一个国际性诈骗的调查和审判中为英国客户获得超过$1000万的赔偿,令诈骗者入狱监禁;他还为与麦道夫(庞氏骗局)破产一事有牵连的个人提供咨询。

经验与教育 Experience and Education:保罗的政府服务:他曾经在纽约州南区法院做Thomas Croake,的法律助理;在美国总检察长办公室(O.D.A.L.E.)以及美国联邦检察官,S.D.N.Y.(刑事/民事部门(税收和破产单位))做助理。保罗曾经接受过高级调解的培训并取得了资格证书。保罗还是一个破产法院调解小组的成员。保罗从纽约的福特汉姆大学法学院毕业,拥有迪金森学院的哲学和历史学学士学位。保罗是 ODK,一个国家性的领导名誉组织的一员,并且是APO,一个国家性的戏剧名誉组织的主席。

法院经历Court Admission: 美国最高法院 (1997)、上诉法院 (2nd Cir 1975, 3rd Cir 2001, 4th Cir 1988)、地区法院(SDNY 1974, EDNY 1974, EDMich 1981)、税法法院(1988)

公共服务Public Service:他是专业协会的领导者:保罗加入了纽约州律师协会,并且被选为州律师协会议事组的一员,他曾任协会商业部主席和破产委员会主席;保罗还加入了市律师协会,并且是破产委员会的委员(衍生品小组委员会)和前银行委员会成员。社区服务Community service – 保罗担任了拉奇蒙特村纽约预算委员会的主席,曾经担任犹太会堂的主席和马蹄港游艇俱乐部的秘书 。

演讲活动Speaking Engagement:保罗曾被邀请到 纽约律师协会,美国律师协会,歌德大学法律和金融研究生项目(法兰克福),关于国家援助恢复的欧盟委员会(布鲁塞尔),以及年度德国国家破产大会(法兰克福)上做演讲,并在赫尔辛基,马德里,巴黎、布拉格,以及国际律师协会年度破产/重组大会(威尼斯)和整个德国的法律和金融会议上演讲。

刊物和荣誉 Publication & Honors: 保罗曾经在International Insolvency Law Review(2015),German Law Treaties(2010)以及Law Journal Newsletter(2004)上发表过文章。

业务领域Practice Areas
诉讼  Litigation
破产、重组和重整   Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Restructuring

迪金森学院(学士,1968) Dickinson College (B.A., 1968)
法学福特汉姆大学法学院(法学博士,1971年) Fordham University School of Law (J.D., 1971)

律师资格  Bar Admissions
1972年,纽约 1972, New York

国际律师协会  International Bar Association
联邦律师协会  Federal Bar Council
纽约州律师协会,商务部门  New York State Bar Association, Business Section
纽约市律师协会  New York City Bar Association

Publications & Honors

2017 Annual New York State Bar Association Caplan Award for exemplary and long-time service to the Business Law Section and its constituent 4,000 members

Chapter 11 Law Revisions Being Considered – Vast Reform Report Condensed with Insightful Comments, International Insolvency Law Review, vol. 2/2015 at pp. 123-144 (Verlag C.H.Beck)(2015: Munich, Frankfurt)

Use of U.S. Bankruptcy Courts: An Introduction to Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Code Law with Annotations of Significant U.S.Court Decisions, Sanierung und Insolvenz, Festchrift fuer K.H. Görg (Verlag C.H. Beck 2010: Munich)

Reforming Characteristics of Maintenance Deposits to Avoid Treatment as Cash Collateral, Law Journal Newsletter's Equipment Leasing Newsletter, Vol.23 no. 2, March 2004